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Project Jeffrey - Fans of Jeffrey Sebelia [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Project Jeffrey - Fans of Jeffrey Sebelia

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Project Runway Holiday Parody [Dec. 21st, 2006|01:11 pm]
Project Jeffrey - Fans of Jeffrey Sebelia
Hey Project Runway/Project Redeye fans!

Please check out our latest Youtube video -- NYI's Project Redeye Holiday Photo Challenge. Our last Project Redeye seemed to be a big hit with over 1.1 million views and we're hoping that this one will be an even bigger hit!

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Project Runway Halloween Parody [Oct. 26th, 2006|01:14 pm]
Project Jeffrey - Fans of Jeffrey Sebelia
Hey guys,

Check out this hilarious parody video I found on Youtube. Project runway may be auf, but PROJECT REDEYE is ON! Click away for a snapshot of what’s ‘IN’ for Halloween and what NOT to shoot.

-- Shirley

(x-posted to all project runway fans :)
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SPOILER!!! [Oct. 18th, 2006|11:02 pm]
Project Jeffrey - Fans of Jeffrey Sebelia
AIEEEEEEEEE!!!!Collapse )
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Right, Wrong and the Runway [Oct. 13th, 2006|10:16 pm]
Project Jeffrey - Fans of Jeffrey Sebelia
( Reposted from http://www.seenon.com/blog/2006/10/ )

"Sure enough, tonight was the night for Laura to sound the alarm on Jeffrey. But that's not all that happened, and some of what did was far prettier to look at. I don't just mean the collections the Final Four are assembling, either. The families surrounding the designers with their love and support were a joy to behold. Without some kind of support, it's hard to be a real success. I'd say most of the designers are pretty well set in that area, and Michael most of all. Uli is the only one with no family close by, but for a very good and unfortunate reason. I think the home visits provided an excellent glimpse into why each of the Four are the designers they've become.

And despite the naysayers, Laura did not create 12 plunging necklines. I think the red jersey dress is downright cunning, though that green ruffled monstrosity has got to go. Uli couldn't quite break out of her print addiction, but she tried. That one long dress with the black trim reminded me so much of the one she won with last time, I wondered if she bought a few extra yards of the same print for luck and bleached it down to hide the fact. And no, the zippers on Jeffrey's dress are not that cute, especially on fabric that makes me think of lawn pavilions and Junior League teas. I wish Michael had had more to show Tim, but that one brown and white print with the high collar setting off a plunging neckline was special.

So, is Jeffrey innocent and merely proving his past experience pays off when he has weeks instead of days to get his work done? Or did he try to pull a fast one on Tim "I wasn't born yesterday" Gunn and get caught? And if he's innocent, should Laura pay the price Jeffrey would have? And what about those designs? They may not be finished, but we've gotten a good sneak peek. Who do you think won based on what we saw tonight?"


From what I hear (E! Online), Jeffrey did, indeed, have a showing at Bryant Park; whether he was eliminated from the Project itself or not I do not know. I can't wait to see it next week on the season finale of season 3 of Project Runway. I think his designs are innovative, young, and definitely not your everyday, run-of-the-mill, corner store clothes.

I sat in the bath this evening thinking about the looming outcome of this season's latest scandal. Regardless of the outcome of next week's show, Jeffrey has come through amazing odds to get where he is even now. I would like to find a way to show Jeffrey how many fans are out there, how many people truly support his work, whether or not this television show names him "#1" or not. Personally, I'd love to raise the $100,000 he might have won with more support on the show. Without production cuts that show only conflict, without disgruntled competetors and their relatives, and without jealousy that comes through as accusation.

What I am proposing may be futile. It may be inane. But it has hope. Jeffrey's story has been all about hope. I want to fuel that hope. I know there are thousands of fans out there that are looking for a way to help him out, to show their love and support, and want to *do* something; something that can been seen, can be felt, and that will have an impact.

I want to raise the $100,000 that Project Runway isn't likely to give Jeffrey this year. I want to help him start his line. I can't afford to buy him a car, or to put him in Elle magazine, or to ensure his designs hit Macy's. But I can start this drive. We can help him start his business... no strings attached. I have set up a paypal account with the address projectjeffrey@gmail.com for anyone interested in donating. $5 or $50, $1 or $1000, whatever you can send, and whatever we can pull together, I will send to Jeffrey Sebelia to help him get that line started.

He pulled himself up from drugs and attempted suicide into a hard-working man with a family and a dream. No, he's not the first image you see when you think of a fashion designer, but he is one great designer. I just want to give him the chance to show us a whole lot more.
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